KaurSkills Vision – 1 Year On

A recent visit to India highlighted the importance of structured investment, in skills development, for two disengaged groups – youth and women.

I visited an ashram based on the river Ganges in Kolkata, where families offered donations a plenty for orphan boys to support their living and study. They were clean, highly disciplined and yet there was a glint in their eyes, which was of determination to do well in life beyond the situation they were in. I offered them gifts donated by the family to support their study. Simple things we take for granted, but this wasn’t enough. A few gifts of clothing and study material will not match their aspirations or award them a career, which will support them.

What is important here is that it truly locked me to my personal enterprise aspirations.

To support managers and leaders be the best they can.

To support individuals be the best they can, through skills development programmes that are structured and enabling.

To support organisations deliver their best, with happy skilled individuals, who show willingness to learn, adapt, and prosper.

To support wellbeing.

To support organisations and businesses to be ‘healthy’ financially.

It is through my work in an UK SSC, and this recent visit to meet with indian organisations that are key to skills development, that my aspirations for India became focussed, determined and real.

If we can help support Indian businesses, so too can individuals learn from both continents. Leadership exchanges can promote best practice. Whilst, employability and skills development programmes, can build capacity and capability.

If organisations are ‘healthy’ financially, then there are positive rewards and economic growth for communities. Capacity building projects will enable those local disengaged individuals into work, with skills that help them prosper and benefit employers.

What I realise is this project is huge and cannot be delivered alone; but with quality, credible partners.

For the past year, I have been holding various meetings throughout the UK, to raise the awareness of skills, employability and personal development programmes for youth and women in India. We are delighted to have on board a number of partners, who are keen to take the work forward with KaurSkills, to have launch this expansive programme in India. KaurSkills is based in India, but will facilitate knowledge transfer in management, leadership, skills development, employability and education management.

We will help deliver quality management, leadership and skills programmes, across India that are accredited on the UK QCF, in the first instance, with a number of UK professional bodies from levels 2 to 7. The hope is that following our vocatonal knowledge and credible pilot pr0grammes with managers, leaders, youth and women, we are able to input to policy developments, for an Indian National Qualifications Framework: once the Indian Government have consultation in place for skills development. By which time, we will have skilled workforce in key areas, from our initial pilots, to support outsourcing requirements, local community businesses, global learning and delivery. Also, we maintain quality delivery workshops, that highlights the importance of gaining competence in the workplace, to world-class standards.

I am now personally involved with discussions on ways forward with a number of sector skills developments and am aware key partners are in initial talks, to help India with the development of emerging India SSC developments, standard setting bodies and vocational qualification development. This is a skills knowledge transfer initiative, that will help support capacity and capability in India, for various sectors.

For women, we have initiated a network marketing initiative, to promote business skills. Aside from this, KaurSkills will hold workshops to support local social enterprise business developments, launched by women for their communities, with the aim to build sustainable businesses through community led, coaching and mentoring programmes, through champions and excellence.

I will look to inspirational women leaders across the world, to share personal knowledge, aspirations and motivation tips, on establishing success in business.

This project is huge, but so worthwhile for the individuals supported.

My hope is that employers in India and the UK, will invest in the skills delivery programmes across India, to benefit the communities they serve.


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