KaurSkills take on Strategy: SWOT Analysis

Here is what we think is a helpful resource for colleagues and businesses.

One of the most highly revered strategy models, is the SWOT analysis.

S = Strengths

W = Weaknesses

O = Opportunities

T = Threats

A simple analysis can be performed to reflect ways in which you can lead business, organisations or even self-development and achieve your goals and vision. Traditionally, the SWOT analysis is visually expressed as a quadrant. However, we have devised this creative version, which works as steps, focusing on key points whilst performing a SWOT, effectively visioning your path to successful outcomes.

We would like your thoughts on how this tool has been effective in your strategy planning in business, organisation or for self-development.

We also hope you share this effective strategy planning resource, with colleagues and peers.

Attached: Strategic Planning Tool – KaurSkills© SWOT Planning Tool 2012

[Please note this tool does in no way purport to make your business, organisation or self-development winning outcomes. It is shared as an effective analysis resource for strategic planning.]



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