Workforce Planning, Skills and Business Agility

A simple guide on workforce planning created by KaurSkills

A simple guide on workforce planning created by KaurSkills

Innovation in business requires speed to beat off competitors and stay at top.

So, any mention of workforce planning will create quick getaway feelings from managers because, in kindness to managers, there is simply no time to think beyond immediate business and HR operation priorities.

I can hear the following: ‘It is too slow!’ ‘We don’t have time’ ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ ‘We don’t need it, as we are a great team and ensure we deliver promises’ ‘Computer says no!’

Negativity or guilty feeling? Avoidance is like having the workforce planning pill, which fills you with a bitter taste …


If I say workforce planning can initially be a slow process to follow; but if you keep on top of it, you will develop amazing teams that will be future proof and it will save you money and time. AND you will be the best in the market. AND you can evidence that you are actively encouraging quality assurance with ISO9001 compliance and so on …

Am I helping to ease the bitterness a bit? Let’s make it sweeter …

Workforce planning is simple. It will help you create engaged teams. It will ensure you have the skills you need, when you need it. The organisation will perform and excel beyond expectation. You will be a handful few, of very many organisations in the same sector and market, that will have wonder teams and results. This will showcase in the work you do for your customers. Your employees will be the happiest they have been. They will be performing and supporting every business decision, without having instructions or performance check-lists. Happy teams and individuals make for an amazing organisation – right?

You won’t ever need to get frustrated, that you have had such a hard time recruiting the right skills for the job. You will have loyal employees, who want to achieve more and greater things, without the need to incentivise with expensive perks.

‘Yeah’, I can hear you say. ‘You have convinced me’ or ‘I think this is useful, but not for me.’

Workforce planning is not a huge task. It can be made into one, but why overload and burden or procrastinate until it hits us i.e. we discover we don’t have a fully functional team that delivers.

Business agility is in how we maximise our talent; building high performance teams, without the stress of where we will find our specialist skills or indeed that everyone is performing at the minimum we require.

Workforce planning does get easier as we implement, and makes sure we are open, transparent and inclusive organisationally. This as a ‘we live with change’ process, ensures we deliver our best; bringing people, ideas and knowledge along with us.

A succession plan is one that is successful over a period of time, over mini stages and something that is repeated – reflecting on-going business needs and overcoming environment strain.

Organisations can lead in healthy fight or flight mode – business, talent and skills agility makes this happen.

Innovation, culture and workforce planning is nurtured over time: not to pursuit of instant results.

A simple workforce planning guide is included at the top of this article. Tell us what you think and share some positive and welcomed feedback.


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