British Council Global Response – Education UK

This is a brief update in response to the latest press release from the British Council, which is warmly and positively welcomed.

Link provided:

Having shared our personal concerns, here [], the steps being taken are thoughtful and fully inclusive of the shared interest of specialists, education delivery experts and training providers.

As indicated, in the press release from the British Council, credible steps are being taken to create a new quality assured unit – Education UK, which supports the standardisation and credible offer of multiple expert stakeholders globally – supporting education, economy, business, TVET (to name a few):

‘… to increase UK education exports, we [British Council] can create a more coherent and integrated UK education offer. As we develop the brand together we will explore ways in which the mark ‘Education UK’ may be used more widely as a quality endorsement marking, available to other UK education providers and organisations.”’

This should enable stakeholders to engage in transparent, coherent, collaborative discussion and share standard communication protocols, when working with global skills initiatives.

UK is a significant ‘collective stakeholder’, offering high quality expert skills advice, and educational standards. This will ensure there is no dilution in our core delivery, communications or services; and in return that all stakeholders are not only engaged with developments globally, but have clear, transparent ‘stakeholder map’ that supports only the best education and skills development, contextualised solutions, around the world – for the world.


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