Bright future or “learning rot”? Teacher education in India and the potential of OER

A very well researched blog, worth sharing on the potential of Open Education Resources and Teacher Education in India, via Leigh-Anne Perryman.

The art of open research

School poster A mood of unsurprised disappointment amongst media commentators accompanied Friday’s release of India’s Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012 on school registrations and standards in rural India. The Deccan Herald announced the report with the headline ‘RTE unable to stem learning rot amongst tots’, referring to the 2010-dated Right to Education (RTE) Act which, says the Hindustan Times, ‘has improved the facilities and brought more kids to the school but has failed to make them teach right’.

The report’s release coincided with an initial scoping discussion between myself and Tim Seal, Technical Director of the Open University’s TESS-India project, which will be developing OER for use by teacher-educators in seven of the most challenging states across India. One of my OER Research Hub roles is to evaluate the impact of OER within TESS-India. ASER 2012 has led me to reconsider the hypotheses we should be exploring when researching the project and…

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