I don’t fit in!

I don’t fit in! So naturally, I would ask what am I going to do about it? Sounds like a positive question, that should open up opportunities and help me grow. Right? Some reflection, as I look back through my career: Schooling – being a dedicated book worm and committed school girl, my aspirations of

Education Collaborations: AoC India and the Skills Agenda (India)

There has been increasing interest in the skills development arena for India globally. Not least from awarding bodies, skills agencies from the UK, but now also colleges from England, UK – as a consortia supporting the development in accordance with Skills Policy of India for 2022. The recent development is the signed MOU partnering AoC

Women: Worth and Work in India

There has been a flurry of media attention in India, and resulting social media interest and activism supporting women in India. What is a concern, is the diminishing representation of women in the workforce of India as stated by numerous media representatives. Reactions and statements of public figures in India, surprisingly convey inequalities in a

Education Reforms in India – November 2012 Update

Having read The Times of India article on education reforms, I thought it useful to share some reflection on the Higher Education statistics, shared by the Minister of State for Human Resource Development for India. The infographic supplied with this blog, highlights some pertinent points for education reform in India. Also, quoted in the article