Diversity, Management and Communications

All views represented here are personal views [Prabhjit Kaur] Firstly, I would like to share my heartfelt condolences with those that have recently fallen victim of a horrific attack, which took place yesterday on vulnerable Sikhs, in Wisconsin (US). This has been a trigger for my blog today. I hope we will have some healthy

Employability – Benefits for All

Interview with Margaret Kelvey (Learning and Development Consultant (UK) from Kelvey Associates. Margaret is a highly knowledgable senior manager, with significant experience of working in employability and widening participation initiatives, across the UK. I believe there is significant learning and knowledge we can take from the knowledge and experience shared in this interview, that supports

Enabling Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence

A weekend of reflection, time out to develop the business and work matters, made me think of ways in which we can establish a relaxed, valued yet inspired organisation to innovate. In the UK, we are celebrating Adult Learning Week with lots of fantastic initiatives, wellbeing programmes, learning tasters, through key partners and collaborations. Inspired