Diversity, Management and Communications

All views represented here are personal views [Prabhjit Kaur] Firstly, I would like to share my heartfelt condolences with those that have recently fallen victim of a horrific attack, which took place yesterday on vulnerable Sikhs, in Wisconsin (US). This has been a trigger for my blog today. I hope we will have some healthy

Enabling Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence

A weekend of reflection, time out to develop the business and work matters, made me think of ways in which we can establish a relaxed, valued yet inspired organisation to innovate. In the UK, we are celebrating Adult Learning Week with lots of fantastic initiatives, wellbeing programmes, learning tasters, through key partners and collaborations. Inspired

A role for competences in business – workforce planning

A number of countries aim to set occupational competence standards, to support skills development, employability and vocational education developments. This is to help establish country specific, occupational quality standards, build credibility in skills, enable skills transfer and recognition; supporting skills issues, within the context of business achievement, and economic competitiveness globally. Having led a number

Focus on occupational competence

Definition of ‘Occupational competence’ [UK Training Agency (1988) – although there are many more current definitions]: … the ability to perform the activities within an occupation or function to the standards expected in employment. (This includes)… the ability to transfer skills and knowledge to new situations … organisation and planning of work, innovation and coping

Businesses struggle to find the right skills …

HR Magazine announce British Chamber of Commerce survey results from 6000 employers, in the UK. So what does this survey share? Highlighted recruitment difficulties for positions cross-sector, because of skills shortage. Quite rightly so, this situation causes enormous frustration, for employers and potential recruits alike. How often are HR professionals and employers presented with these