#Leadership Perspectives from East to West

This is my recent blog working with Nisha Raghavan (@TheHRBuddy) on cross-cultural leadership from East and West. I hope you enjoy this article; shared on http://www.nisharaghavan.com. http://nisharaghavan.com/leadership-perspectives-from-east-to-west/ I look forward to your feedback and leadership thoughts as #WorldSkillsLeaders and to be part of this global leadership evolution (World Skills Leadership Café hosted on Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117118118643945675488)

Blog Collaboration With The HR Buddy

An invitation from The HR Buddy from the US; followed by a Skype call resulted in great share of #HR ideas and collaborative projects to work on which aims to support the skills development agenda globally. The first of these posts was launched last week by Nisha Naghavan on ‘Intercultural Workplaces – East and West’.

Competences and Professional Standards: The Missing Link

Thought for the Day A number of competence driven workforce development models are having an impact in service design cross-sector. There is growing interest globally in setting skills standards for world-class global competitiveness in skills and retaining top talent. However, establishing HR driven, organisational specific, succession planning is never easy in a multi-disciplinary context. The