KaurSkills is HR, Strategy, Skills and Education Management Consulting Company, based in India, UK and operating globally.

KaurSkills supports clients:

• Organisations, who are looking to manage HR capacity and capability more effectively, for maximum business achievement and sustainability. We provide structured change management, skills analysis and organisational development solutions.

• Education Bodies, including training providers, who are looking to develop employer partnerships, learning networks, management and leadership skills, and education solutions, to support workforce employability and skills.

• NGOs and Grant Awarding Bodies, who are looking to develop employability programmes, skills development initiatives and education management projects, in India and South Asia.

• Professional and Expert Advisory Bodies, with research and policy advice.

KaurSkills vision is to lead visionary skills development portfolio internationally, supporting countries implementing skills development and employability solutions; policy engagement and strategic policy advice; developing employers HR capacity and empower learners to manage successful professional careers.

Further company information can be found at www.kaurskills.com

KaurSkills [India] Certification Number: 200022012008010 | Enlistment Number: 2000211173


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