KaurSkills associate experts have credible experience in skills development and employability programmes across the UK. Extensive collaborative discussion and business modelling sessions have determined an innovative approach to skills development, which is flexible, robust and implementation friendly.

KaurSkills understands business needs, supporting the delivery of high quality products and services.

This is why our consulting solutions are created – to reflect increased business demands and the need for flexibility in personnel resources.

Organisations and individuals are central to our developments, but our focus is on results and performance.

Our experts have developed a credible leadership development system, through years of implementation and knowledge: from evaluation and learning of what works in practice and what doesn’t. We have learnt alot from this collaboration: a team of experts with diverse collective experience presenting our best offer in the world of skills.

We encourage creativity, innovation and simplification – Our consulting solutions reflect this.

We cover a range of HR, management and leadership programmes for India and South Asia. These include:

Strategic HR:

• Change Management

• Workforce Development and Modelling

• Workforce Planning

• Succession Planning

• Talent Management

Skills Planning:

• Skills Acquisition | Transferability | Progression Mapping

• Business, Organisation and Service Development

• Skills Analysis

Education Management:

• National Occupational Standards

• Vocational Education Developments, such as Certificates, Diplomas, Apprenticeships

Project Management

Business Transformation:

• Strategic Planning | Business Evolution

• Performance Management

• Business Impact | Innovation | Return on Investment

• Productivity

Further company information can be found at www.kaurskills.com


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