Competences and Professional Standards: The Missing Link

Thought for the Day A number of competence driven workforce development models are having an impact in service design cross-sector. There is growing interest globally in setting skills standards for world-class global competitiveness in skills and retaining top talent. However, establishing HR driven, organisational specific, succession planning is never easy in a multi-disciplinary context. The

A role for competences in business – workforce planning

A number of countries aim to set occupational competence standards, to support skills development, employability and vocational education developments. This is to help establish country specific, occupational quality standards, build credibility in skills, enable skills transfer and recognition; supporting skills issues, within the context of business achievement, and economic competitiveness globally. Having led a number

Focus on occupational competence

Definition of ‘Occupational competence’ [UK Training Agency (1988) – although there are many more current definitions]: … the ability to perform the activities within an occupation or function to the standards expected in employment. (This includes)… the ability to transfer skills and knowledge to new situations … organisation and planning of work, innovation and coping